Beautiful scar
Her patched body shows us her emotional journey, and then we can't imagine her without them.
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The paths
Sew your paths with colored threads. What you seek also seeks you, and it will find you.
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What time is it?
Perhaps it is time for sandstorms, to fly through the clouds, to paint with smoke...
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The patch
Even that ripped, patched place can be a good place.
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Don’t worry, there are things you won’t be able to control: not the future, not anxiety, not time, not even memories. Sometimes you’ll start to melt before you understand what comes out of that rabbit hole that is within you. Time will go too slow or too fast, or it will stop and then take a sudden leap. Ideas will slip through your fingers, but you will see them shine, and hopefully you can remember one that then illuminates everything, with its light transformed. Your memories will be rewritten over and over again. But here is the important thing: there will be no one who can recognise them. Thus, they will change their faces until they die, and you will not have hands with which to grasp them. Only pleasure will give you something to hold on to.


Recent Issues

The nature of nostalgia

'The Road' or Borderline 002


What time is it?


Venezuelan artist dedicated to illustration, painting and digital art. Her illustration work focuses on personal stories with surreal settings full of characters living a small adventure of metaphors and duality.

The human figure is shown in her digital painting from an isolated landscape that nevertheless questions the presence of others within each person. In the self-portrait she has found a way to play with introspection and memory, themes that explores in the artistic practice.