The Nature Of...

We do not return to places or spaces, we return to memories,
like childhood as it ceases to be the past to become the future,
projected distant and unattainable.

The nature of the other

What is the Other that has not been discovered but is concealed, disguised as the Same?

The nature of time

Don't worry, there are things you won't be able to control....

The nature of nostalgia

We do not return to places or spaces, we return to memories...


Venezuelan artist dedicated to illustration, painting and digital art. Her illustration work focuses on personal stories with surreal settings full of characters living a small adventure of metaphors and duality.

The human figure is shown in her digital painting from an isolated landscape that nevertheless questions the presence of others within each person. In the self-portrait she has found a way to play with introspection and memory, themes that explores in the artistic practice.