About Me

Alejandra Herrera

I am a Venezuelan artist based in Caracas.

I started my career as an illustrator of children’s books. The variety of art projects I have worked on includes workshops, editorial, advertising, graphic and web design, and book cover illustration.

Focused mainly on digital and traditional mixed techniques, my digital painting work focuses on the human figure, using it as a form of self-questioning and self-knowledge, always from the presence of others within each one, and in the exploration of internal and external worlds.

On the other hand, my illustration work focuses on my own stories, carrying out a simultaneous process of literary and graphic creation. This process is strongly influenced by my teaching profession and my career as a children’s book illustrator.

Rocinante comió muchas frutas en el parque. Written by Earle Herrera and illustrated by Alejandra Herrera and Carla Ricciardelli. 2020

Editorial publications:
Kanko y Ventarrón. written by Gabriel Saldivia and illustrated by Alejandra Herrera. 2019

Granizo. written by Armando José Sequera and illustrated by Alejandra Herrera and Carla Ricciardelli. 2019

I have illustrated for the tricolor magazine.

I’m currently working on illustrations and digital paintings in NFT format.